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These are my personal notes about git which might help others, most are self explanatory.


To create a new git repo in the current directory:
git init

Check the status of the repository, helpful for seeing what has changed:
git status

See last five commits:
git log

Add a new file to the repo:
git add <filename>

Show changes to a file between commits:
git diff <filename>

Commit changes to staging area:
git commit -m <message>

See latest commit:
git show HEAD

Discard changes to file in working directory:
git checkout HEAD <filename>

Unstage changes to file in working directory:
git reset HEAD <filename>

Revert to previous commit identified by the SHA:
git reset <sha>

List local branches:
git branch

Create local copy of remote repo:
git clone <remote repo url>

List remote repos:
git remote -v

Pull changes from remote repo into local copy:
git fetch

Merge remote origin into local branch:
git merge origin/master

Push branch to remote origin:
git push origin <branch name>

List modified files:
git diff --name-only

Everyday Workflow for Branching

Create a new branch:
git branch <new branch name>

Checkout the new branch:
git checkout <new branch name>

Commit changes to the new branch:
git commit -a -m <message>

Switch back to master:
git checkout master

Merge branch to master:
git merge <new branch name> master

Delete branch:
git branch -d <new branch name>

Push changes to origin:
git push origin

Tagging (optional)

Add a tag to the branch:
git tag -a <tag name> -m "message"

Push tag to remote repo:
git push origin <tag name>