Martin Carlin

FAO Recruiters

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Hello there! I am constantly updating this page and it's quite lengthy at the moment but please have a read and feel free to let me know what you think.

As you might imagine, I receive a fair amount of enquiries from recruiters and I find myself now saying the same things over and over, so I thought that putting something here that I can link to might be useful so that it doesn't take me as long to reply and also weeds out those who took the time to read it.

I genuinely don't mind anyone getting in touch via email or LinkedIn as then I can reply whenever and wherever I like (usually pretty much instantly on LinkedIn), but it seems that every person who gets in touch wants '5 minutes' on the phone. The problem with that is that at least with emails and messages I can try and reply to everybody and treat them equally, with phone calls I can manage a couple before it becomes a chore and a distraction.

Taking calls also tends to be a complete waste of time as 95% of roles that I am contacted for are either not suitable, I've already been contacted about, or is just not of interest for one reason or another.

Therefore, the way I like to approach it is to receive any roles you wish to send (with job spec) that you think I am suitable for and if they are something that I do want to go ahead with, that's when we can arrange a call to discuss. This helps to save us both time I'm sure.

If you are contacting me, please send the following rather than being secretive and requiring a handful of messages to find out all the information I need (although I can understand and sympathise, but I can confirm that I am not a recruiter looking to steal your contacts or sneakily planning on applying directly):

  • - Name of the company
  • - Salary range
  • - Any benefits or perks
  • - Location/WFH
  • - Working hours
  • - Technology stack - what's required and what can be learned on the job
  • - Culture
  • - Job spec

The reason for requiring these is that there is no way I can make an informed decision about whether to proceed any further without knowing all of the above.

I think that's everything, thanks for reading!